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Henrik Martensen – Galerie im Lutterbeker Verschoben auf 11. Februar 2021 bis Ende April 2021


I have been fascinated by nature all my life.

I experience nature as a place filled with magic and spirituality and that is where I get most of my inspiration for my pictures.

When I make my pictures, it is also a longing to be in the place I paint.

An escape from civilization, the daily duties and all that is forced to be, as a human being in a modern materialistic world. I’m looking back to the roots of my pictures.

Maybe that’s why my greatest heroes are painters from a bygone era …

There are very few people in my pictures, and those who are there are usually alone in a depopulated world.

I do not know if it is conscious, but I think I might also reflect some of my own existential struggles in my pictures.

The feeling that you are basically alone and struggle to try to understand why we are here and what the meaning of life is.

When I paint, I work from the dreams I have had, my imagination and photos.

An overall theme in my paintings right now is about my concern about how we humans treat our world. Here I am thinking of the increasing pollution, disturbing climate change, and the negative consequences of it.

In the paintings I do, I imagine the world in a near future after the fall of civilization, where nature has supremely taken control and mankind is a dying race fighting for its survival.